Hunt with confidence. Nexxus Bowhunting supplies premium quality arrow shafts and components for the serious bowhunter.

Through many years of bowhunting, the trials and tribulations of finding and using the best equipment to make the most ethical kill has always been a relentless pursuit. Such has been our dedication to finding this combination, we are almost as passionate in the search for perfect gear as with the game we chase and this is something that will carry through all of our development of products. 

An extremely important part of bowhunting is ensuring your arrow flies as true as possible and handles all the pressures exerted upon it from the moment it leaves the bow to when it impacts skin, flesh and bone. Any failure at this point is simply unacceptable for a Bowhunter as we should all strive for the cleanest and most ethical result at times.

Over time we have trialed many arrow combinations. Some have been the perfect shaft, some a great insert, but never once has it all come together in one package so I decided to go out and design my own.

For me the perfect arrow needed to have a micro diameter for excellent flight and deep penetrating qualities. Thick walled for extra durability under the pressure of both shot and impact. Fleches that allow your arrow to fly dead straight and as quietly as possible. Nocks that don’t bend or break and more than anything an insert/outsert system with very tight tolerances that gave protection to the tip of the shaft and inserted far enough into it to avoid breakages when hitting heavy bone and other hard objects.

All these traits are what would allow you to have an arrow you can shoot time and again, whether at the target or at game, with total confidence in it still spinning true and not suffering damage that would impair its integrity. 

With our Nexxus shafts we feel we have achieved what I consider to be this perfect hunting shaft. Through our extensive testing, they have even surpassed our expectations of what we were trying to achieve. They tune very easily, fly amazingly true, penetration on both target and animal has been exceptional and they are hands down the toughest shafts we have ever tried to break. They are the first arrows to be Anvil Approved after extreme testing.

Nexxus is a home brand where we care and respect the hunting community, game we pursue and this wild earth. we’ve made goals to contribute and donate to our wildlife and those in need. We will be giving 3% of all profits to conservation to help preserve our pastime.

Welcome to Nexxus Bowhunting.


Nick Morton & Adam Greentree - Founders